Green Update

Hi everybody,

We have been very busy on the Green team collecting plastic bottles and information for our flag. The reason we have being collecting the bottles is so we can put them into our toilet cisterns and save water everytime we flush. First we counted up how many toilets we have in the school, would you believe we have 35 toilets all together. Next we filled up all the bottles with sand and then put the lid back on them nice and tight. We then put the bottles into all the toilet cisterns (the back bit of the toilet) and this took up 1 litre space in each one. So everytime we flush the toilet we save 1 litre of water. If each of our toilets gets flushed 10 times a day we can save 350 litres of water.

We had to sort through all the bottles.

We marked out where all the toilets were on a blueprint of the school.

We filled up all the bottles with sand, so this would weigh them down inside the toilet cistern.

It took our Green Team and extra helpers a long time to fill up all the bottles.

Then we put all the bottles inside the toilet cisterns.

You could try this at home and save water!