World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day this Friday. The boys and girls dressed up as their favourite literary characters. Take a look at all of the wonderfully colourful characters who came to school on the day.

Room 1.

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

Room 5

Room 6

Room 7 boys

Room 7 girls

Room 8 boys

Room 8 girls

Room 9

Room 10

Room 11

Room 12

Room 13

Room 14

Room 15 a

Room 15 b

Room 15 c

Room 15 d

Room 16 a

Room 16 b

Room 16 c

Room 16 d

Room 16 e

Room 16 f


A visit to the Post Office!

The children wrote a letter to Santa to see how he was getting on and to tell him how good all the children in Room 13 have been this year. We went out for a walk to deliver our letter personally at the Post Office! Everyone was very excited and had a wonderful time. We also called into the church to look at the Advent wreath.


Maths Challenge!

We asked each other REALLY hard maths questions….
IMG_2983 IMG_2986IMG_2989


Can you figure out this one in the picture below?

? +? +? = ?
IMG_2990 Did you get it?

Eleven 11, that’s right! Well done!


IMG_2994 IMG_2995 Counting away!!!IMG_2998 And of course, we recorded our answers!IMG_2999

We had MAGnificent fun investigating magnets….


We investigated the type of materials which magnets attract….

Can you find the horseshoe magnet in this picture?IMG_2954
IMG_2955 IMG_2960 Busy recording our results!

IMG_2964 Can you spot the bar magnet in this picture?IMG_2965 IMG_2967


And the results are in…

Magnets attract some metals like iron and steel.

They don’t attract materials like glass, wood and plastic.

Marc Chagall

We spent some time looking at ‘Bonjour Paris’ by Marc Chagall.

Marc Chagall was a famous artist. He was born in Russia but lived in France for most of his life.

We used chalk to draw our own ‘Bonjour Paris!’.

Can you see the Eiffel tower?


What animals can you find in the picture?




3D Shape fun!

 What shapes can you find?

Can you find a cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder?

We made a substation and wires going to a house. 

What shape is the chimney?IMG_2736


We made the Leaning tower of Pisa! We hope it doesn’t fall!



Look at the robot we made together.

How many cylinders can you see?



Here is a windmill we made.

Can you name all the shapes in this photo?

IMG_2744We made our own Eiffel Tower. Just like the one Marc Chagall painted in ‘Bonjour Paris!’


 What shapes can you see around you right now?


Busy at Maths!

We have been very busy………

…learning about ZERO!


We’ve been playing some fun Maths games!



Look at our great group work!



Look at all the counters we have in our bags! Poor Zero though!

He has NOTHING in his bag!IMG_2732







Danse Macabre

We have been listening to ‘Danse Macabre’ by French composer Camille Saint-Saens.

It’s a spooky piece of music about skeletons coming up from their graves to have a party and dance about.

Look at the spooky pictures we drew….IMG_2523IMG_2527IMG_2522IMG_2518IMG_2516


Try not to SCREAM!!!!

We have been very busy learning all about ‘The Scream’ by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.

We wondered why the person in the picture was screaming.

What do you think?

We used online colouring and twistables to make our own SCREAMS!

Look if you dare!!!!!




We worked really well together in our groups to make lovely robots.

We used lots of materials like boxes, paper, straws and toilet roll holders.

Meet our Robotots…



Chicken Big!!!

We read the story of ‘Chicken Big’.

All the other chicks thought he was not a chicken but…….. an umbrella, an elephant, a squirrel, a sweater, a hippopotamus and even a cow.

It was a very funny story!

Look at our lovely pictures and writing about this story….




Green Schools Update

Hi Guys,

We have started work on our next Green Flag. This year we will be trying to win a flag for Travel and Transport.

We have set up a new Green Team and we went out together on a walkability audit with Sandra Pokrant from An Táisce.

We are trying to establish a safe walking route to school where people might carpool and then Park n’ Stride from Bayside Shopping Centre. As the name suggest this would mean parking your car at the shopping centre and then walking to school from there. This would hopefully mean less traffic around the school in the mornings and afternoons.

On our walk we discovered lots of interesting things


Here we are outside the school looking at the road markings that make it safe for us to cross the road.


Outside our school we have yellow markings on the road and railings. The yellow markings help to remind traffic that they must slow down and they cannot park outside our school. The railings are there to stop any cars from parking on or mounting the path. They also stop children from running out of the school gates and straight onto the road.


This is Sandra, she told us lots about raod safety

We are very lucky to have a safe pathway from the shops to the school. There is plenty of room for people and buggys to walk along. On our walk we heard the birds singing and saw some lovely trees and plants.


Nice wide path


Speed bumps on the road help the cars to drive at a safe pace


Concrete pillars in the middle of the path ensure that no cars can access it. This keeps it safe for walkers


When we got to the carpark there was plenty of parking spaces and space.

We think that it would be really super if some families that travel to school by car might consider having a go at “Park n’ Stride” from Bayside shopping centre, especially coming into the lovely summer weather


The Green Team

Tennis and Gaa skillls

Senior Infants are busy learning lots of new skills at tennis and Gaa.They are having great fun and getting fit too!

Monet’s water-lilies!

We looked at some paintings by Claude Monet. We learned all about Impressionism. We really liked the painting of The Japanese Bridge (The Water-Lily Pond)  in his garden.

We then decided to paint our own pictures using lots of bright colours for our water lilies…..take a look!


Signs of Spring

We enjoyed our Spring walk. We looked at, listened for and smelled signs of Spring. We also visited the church, where we said a quiet prayer.                       

Activity time!

Every morning we do activities.

These include: lego, cutting, jigsaws, magnetic letters and many more.

We love working together creating lots of new designs! Take a look….






Happy Valentine’s Day

We are busy preparing for St Valentine’s Day.Look at the cards we made for our Mums and Dads.We cut out lots of hearts and wrote a nice message.We also made wreaths with hearts hearts and more hearts.Happy Valentine ‘s Day to everyone


The Year of the Snake

The Chinese new year celebrations began on Sunday February 10th.It is the year of the snake. We learned all about how Chinese people celebrate this special time.

We had great fun colouring in our snakes and painting yellow and red borders around them.

St. Brigid’s Day

On February 1st we celebrated the feast day of St. Brigid. We learned all about how she was a very kind and special  person.

We saw some lovely St. Brigid’s crosses and heard the story about how her cloak grew and grew. Later on we coloured in lovely pictures of her and using coloured sugar-paper made a beautiful collage of her cloak.

Let us show you our work….

The Liffey Swim

Ms. Crean’s class looked at a painting by a famous Irish artist called Jack B yeats. The painting was called the Liffey Swim. He painted lots of Dubliners  long ago watching the annual swim in the river Liffey.


Later we had great fun painting our own pictures using lots of bright coloured paints.

Take a look at our Liffey swim pictures….

When I grow up….

In Ms. Crean’s class we discussed what we might like to be when we grow up. We came up with lots of different career choices and drew some lovely pictures of ourselves. Take a look at some of our colourful work.