Mystery Material Boxes

We had a great time using mystery boxes and guessing what was inside. Here are some of the items we had to guess and descibe using our sense of touch only:


Furry mittens

Sponge and wire wool

Watermelon and sweetcorn

A rubber baking tray

We had to put our hands inside the box without looking and then guess what we were feeling and write a description of how it felt.

We were not quite sure what to expect inside the boxes, we used words such as: fluffy, soft, hard, smooth, flexible, rubber, grassy, wet, squishy and rough to describe the different objects. Here are some of our reactions to what was inside the box.

Piggy Banks

We have big plans to save our money in our Piggy Banks!!!

We made them from recycled plastic bottles and papier mache. They were lots of fun to make. Have a look…