Construction in Infants

Future engineers hard at work.

Planting seeds in Rooms 1 and 2.

Spring has arrived and the Junior Infants have been busy using their green fingers.


We did lots of Halloween Art. Cats, ghosts, and scary castles were to be seen in all the Junior Infant rooms. Here are some of the pumpkins we found.!!

Monet’s water-lilies!

We looked at some paintings by Claude Monet. We learned all about Impressionism. We really liked the painting of The Japanese Bridge (The Water-Lily Pond)  in his garden.

We then decided to paint our own pictures using lots of bright colours for our water lilies…..take a look!


The Year of the Snake

The Chinese new year celebrations began on Sunday February 10th.It is the year of the snake. We learned all about how Chinese people celebrate this special time.

We had great fun colouring in our snakes and painting yellow and red borders around them.

St. Brigid’s Day

On February 1st we celebrated the feast day of St. Brigid. We learned all about how she was a very kind and special  person.

We saw some lovely St. Brigid’s crosses and heard the story about how her cloak grew and grew. Later on we coloured in lovely pictures of her and using coloured sugar-paper made a beautiful collage of her cloak.

Let us show you our work….

The Liffey Swim

Ms. Crean’s class looked at a painting by a famous Irish artist called Jack B yeats. The painting was called the Liffey Swim. He painted lots of Dubliners  long ago watching the annual swim in the river Liffey.


Later we had great fun painting our own pictures using lots of bright coloured paints.

Take a look at our Liffey swim pictures….